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I wrote screenplays in various genres, such as narrative, romantic comedy, drama, horror, thriller, sci-fi and fantasy.


Hades and Persephone is a fantasy rom-com about Persephone runs off to the modern human world out of frustration. Hades being tied to the underworld creates a clone of himself and have the clone ventures to the human world along with Hermes, the flirtatious troublemaker being the tour guide navigating the mundane human world.

Alice Tea Matrix is a fantasy-drama about Louise, a woman feeling stuck in her life stumbles upon a mysterious tea shop that unravels her future to her if she chooses the right cup of tea. Inspired by Matrix and Alice in the Wonderland.

Neo Cyber is a cyberpunk inspired sci-fi about protagonist Nova, the gifted mechanic and Hector, the genius hacker disrupt the corrupted plans of Vega Corp while discovering the reason her mother gets upset every time she breaks the border and enters the North, where the rich resides. 

Crash landing Mars is a dystopian sci-fi about Jasmine and Nathan, team members of a space scouting team crashes into Mars with their dead captain. Andy the Android and Spaceship are both running out of power and Jasmine has to make a decision whether she forcefully get the codes from Andy or gives her three shots in guessing the code right in order to gain rights to pilot the ship.

I wrote a spec script sample for the popular Netflix TV series Lucifer

sit-coms, romantic comedy, drama, horror and thriller

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